More from Warland Farm

Ralph came over this morning with the original paperwork for the barn conversion plus, a bonus, a report he had done last year on the possibilities for developing the Shippen. The same guys who do the Council inspections say that, providing the parking and plumbing can be worked out, there’s a good chance of getting permission to turn the Shippen into a house, too. Don’t want to do it but it adds value and provides a way to earn from the place if we need to.

His mate, Jeff, came over this afternoon to chop logs and stayed for dinner. I haven’t had a lot of time to be lonely here!

I cleaned out the other garage and swept up lots of oily dirt. It looks a lot better. Had Jeff saw the logs on the place I’d just swept so that the fresh sawdust will absorb more grime. It won’t take much to get the place looking spectacular.

Also talked to Al. He’s off to Harrogate on Saturday, to a show all about oak-frame building. He obviously still has a hankering to find a place like this.

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