More treasure!

What have you always wanted? A bottle of mercury! About 250ml; very exciting. Chris was here today and I showed him the hunting knife. He remembers the one I used to have and agrees this on is very similar and that that is weird.

He arrived about 10:30 and stayed until after lunch. He had a good look around the farm before we went into Tod for lunch.

Kevin turned up for breakfast, as promised. I made him a couple of duck-egg omelets, which he enjoyed. He also took a good look around and is keen to help any way he can. It appears the real reason for the surprise visit was to ask some advice about how to deal with his bad treatment at work. From what he said, it appears they want him to leave without taking his 20 years’ redundancy entitlement. I suggested there wasn’t much using getting all legal, just to draw a line and not retreat any more.

While in Tod, after shopping at the market, I called at Viney’s and picked up the farm deeds. I haven’t looked at them yet but I’ll report anything interesting soon.

Walked home with my shopping because I’d just missed s bus. Waiting for half an hour then sitting on the bus would have only been a bit quicker and this way I got to test my leg a bit. Kevin has recommended a maseur who sounds about right for my ailment.

At Tod Market, I chatted with the foreign-goodies stall-holder. When he heard I was a baker, he was keen to buy some foccacias from me! Options, choices!

Got a letter today from GB Liners who will be handling the import and delivery of our stuff. How exciting.

The garage near the house is now empty except for the car. It’ll become a temporary workshop until the main area is boarded out in preparation for the shed stuff arriving.

Tomorrow, Jeff is coming to help take down the crane so that I can repair the wall and strengthen it. That way, we can use the crane to lift our furniture up into the Shippen loft where it’ll be safe and dry.

I’m glad Bandit is on her way. It’ll be a big adventure for her but I’m sure she’ll love it when she gets here. There were cows in the lower paddocks this afternoon; could have done with Bandit to discourage them.

There’s a pretty woodpecker trying to bore a hole in our power-pole. I wonder if I should mention it to someone?

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