More progress

I dragged the trestles out to the pigsty again, this morning. When everything was in place to start work, I paused for a brew, during which I remembered and found a process plan that I put together before the weather changed. Turns out I’m nowhere near ready to cut joints into the bearers! First, my list says I need to; split and drawshave the oak dowels; make test joints; make a plumb bob (on the lathe); assemble the toolkit; weld up some steel draw pins for testing the joints; and make a heavy maul.

So, I measured the room one more time, subtracted the gap to the frame, added a bit for good luck and started to cut the bearers to rough length. This should provide the material for the pegs and maul. Arrgh! Best crosscut saw not sharp, nor any of the others. Decided I have to finally make a saw vice because I have a few working saws to sharpen and a dozen antiques to bring up to spec. So: three steps back but, now that the barn deadline has gone away, I’m cool about delaying so that I can do the jobs right.

I tried to buy some welding gas the other day. None in stock but the chap suggested I contact a mate of his nearby. This mate is 75 and his wife has told him to get rid. Allegedly, he has about seven sheds of woodworking and other gear. Better stitch up my pockets before setting off.

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