Frozen Tod

Just got back from a morning’s bus outing to Tod. A frosty morning but my Barbour and boots were up to it. May need gubbies soon.

Joined the library, collected train tickets, bought Bandit’s bed and food. Plus, found a game butcher so Wabbit for tea!

Easy, peasy.

This arvo, I finished my photo-recording of the farm—650 pictures—and wrote to Aunt Sylvia. Next, a woodworm inspection! Hmm; found a few areas worth treating; nothing to worry about, though.

At 6:30pm it feels like 10 because it’s been dark for ages. I had a beef thing, half steamed, half roasted, for dinner. The Aga does things like that well. You just put things on a pan in the oven based on how long they take to cook; and cover it or not depending how wet, dry or brown you want the result. All tasty though, especially with some “herbes de Provence” from Tod market. I saved the Wabbit for Ron.

I’m glad to report that the wood stove is a little ripper. Its controls are more subtle than the one in Adelaide so it’s easy to manage the burn. It doesn’t seem to have much thermal mass, though, so it’s best to keep some flame alive. I haven’t tried to keep it in overnight but, with the right wood I’m sure it’ll work.

Just called Daddy to tell him I’m calling in, in the morning. The bike’s going in for a service and I need to make a plan of action for the flat.

It’s not as cold as I expected because it’s raining gently. It sure is cosy, here!

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