Last evening, Tony’s old guitar presented me with a busted A string. I’ve shortened it so that I can practice while I find a replacement.

Here’s a thing:

And here’s another:

The former is already resident in the metalwork shop, the latter arrives next Wednesday. Both are in very good order. I’ll have to go back to see if old Albert is ready to sell me his tooling, yet. Custom machine heads, anyone?

Today, I’m taking a day off from lifting and lumping and will promote my seedlings. The mallow will be potted up, to spend winter with the rhubarb. Next spring should be an exciting, transforming time in the Forest Garden as all of these go into the ground.

Last week, I gathered our first filberts and lots of local sessile haycorns. I rescued two tons of cow poo from being pushed into the stream and had to barrow them uphill to the compost race (third input bay: full). Yesterday, we scored some long fence panels that will form a new apiary up at the quarry.


I love this life =:D

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