That was fun 2

Thankfully, all my mistakes will be buried with this piece! I am happy with my sense of design and proportion; there are loads of folk on t’Internet sinking hours of skill and good wood into fugly furniture.

Of course, I already have a string of musical instrument builds behind me. Here it is: male and female claves for Kevin made from his rescued Bubinga. Hard to decorate because burning and chattering failed on my test piece. In the end, those shallow grooves had to do but at least they spell his initials in Morse!


Project Pigsty is coming to a close with the end of September. The compost race is built and ready for action and the terraces of storage pallets are nearly finished. A couple of days of shifting all our materiel around and I can get on to surveying for the Mickle Barn build.


On any other farm, this would just be a set of rectangular boxes. At Warland it becomes a “race” because the slope will move the crap through automatically. Permaculture principles gone mad.

The leaves are starting to turn, here. Autumn is my favourite season and I look forward to more time with the dovetail saw. Haven’t seen our buzzard visitors for a few days but I have been in the shed most of the days. The kestrel is certainly busy and the screechey owls are enjoying their hunting. We caught a humane mouse in our new trap so I released it in the meadow, near where the owls seem to perch.

Off to Tod on the Vespa, now, bringing home the market bacon while Monica is walking in Donegal. Fancy a pork pie?

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