More dandies at Warland

Finished most of the fence at lock 34 today. Just a few of the old posts to shift with a sledge and a Tommy bar tomorrow, and a bit of closing in where the ground falls away from the fence.

As I was tidying around lock 35, Dianne came around to say goodbye because they’re moving out of Warland very soon and Dave and Lisa are moving into Warland House. Dianne thinks they’re very green so I hope they have some sympathy with what we’re trying to achieve. The newbies are calling around tomorrow so I may leave a welcome leaflet for them.

I need to mow the lower meadow, outside Warland House, in preparation for the Rushcart’s visit. Perhaps if I move the baler down there, the dancers will help bale the hay that I’ve mowed for them.

Returning up the hill, Doris gave me a couple of pip-sown apples that I can use to fill failures in the coppice orchard if Monica doesn’t want them for her allotment.

Tonight we checked that our new, famous Warland Dandy cocktail was as good as we thought yesterday. It is and I have to go to bed now.

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