Progress with blanket box

We started the working day, after our usual morning coffee, with a reasonably civil Mondavia project planning meeting. Hopefully, we can keep better track of things if we both show up with reports at regular intervals.

Then, oh dear, another iffy day, weatherwise, so I had to go back into the joinery to work on the blanket box. I did offer for Monica to accompany me to do some weeding but she didn’t fancy it and what’s sauce for the goose…

I had hoped to use the Wadkin moulder to make tenons in the box’s base timbers but, without a mitre slot it would have been dangerous. Explaining the work to Chris, we spotted that the Robland has a slot and a carriage. In the end, even though the latter has rubbish guarding, I carefully set up the rebate head on it and got the job done.

The shed day also allowed me to fettle some hive separator boards that weren’t to M’s satisfaction and, last thing, I knocked up a nice box for my large timber framing chisels. While using the “old pine” offcuts for this, I realised by their smell that this wood, that will form the floor of the blanket box, is actually cedar and quite ideal for the task.

So, if the weather is less than perfect tomorrow, I’ll be able to hand-tune the tenons to fit the scrappy mortices I made in the legs, yesterday. The tenons were deliberately left a bit fat to allow for this.

This evening, for midsummer, we invented the Warland Dandy, a cocktail of rum and dandelion and burdock with a slice of lemon. Every bit as nice as Pimms.

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