Tote and jig

Another wet(ish) day: another day in the joinery, clearing out projects.

Monica wanted her frame tote to be lightweight and I reasoned that, as box-jointed plywood is the lightest construction, a jig to make fine, 6mm fingers was needed and would be useful for making any small storage boxes. So, that’s how the morning was spent. After lunch, I sliced of a lump of 9mm plywood and set to sizing it to make the tote. After careful design and drawing, I cut the pieces all the wrong size and had to nail it together! Still, it’s done, with carry strap, frame supports, handle and latch. Now the bee project must be complete!

Monica continued to beat up the hedge above the Road Field. Many of the densely spaced plants are suffering from choking by grass in their tubes. Many of the tubes are on upside down so perhaps they don’t burst when they’re packed with material.

Today, I commenced Project Pigsty by loading all of the post and rail fencing materiel onto the truck and delivering it into the bottom field through the new gate at Lock 35. I also loaded Humpty with the fencing toolkit so that I can make an easy start tomorrow.

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