End of the beehive project

Sunday. Late out of bed to greet a damp morning. The last job for Monica was to make a couple of bases to go under hive parts. I thought they were to move supers up from the apiary but, fortunately, Monica stepped into the joinery when the frames were gluing up. Turns out they’re also to prevent spillage while that super is sat in the kitchen, waiting for extraction. So, rather than using some of the depth to create feet, the base was inserted as low as possible to enable maximum honey-catching volume. Still, they are now done and in Monica’s pile of bee boxes, and the project is done. I owe her a frame-carrier, a few extra supers and a couple of bases but they can be done as odd jobs. Now we’re on to Project Pigsty, starting with the canal fences.

To celebrate the change-over, the joinery got a good clean up and dusting down. Other half-finished projects were tidied away: Ralph’s grandma’s blanket chest, the workshop’s mobile benches and what was the frame tote but is now a kindling box.

Summer starts tomorrow and the projects are on track. How fun!

and a knotty cherry stump, from Al, got cut into four bowl blanks.

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