Today, we need to get Monica to the chemist to fill a prescription, urgently. The bank holiday, yesterday, made her miss out on replenishing the tablets that allow her to balance. I think the weekend has been uncomfortable for her as she’s rationed too few tablets across the days. Every corner has been searched for spare tablets but none were found.

Karin is planning to call in at lunch time with some old Warlandians who lived at the gate end. She and Ralph stayed with them in Scotland a couple of years ago. Today, they’re walking along the top to Warland and stopping to see Ralph’s grave before returning along the canal.

My work for today is to complete the beehive roofs—the metalwork. Yesterday I annoyed myself by failing to think through the cover for the new nucleus hives. I should have gotten two out of one tin sheet and also messed up the one I was bending up. It’ll be OK but there have been too many errors on this project for my comfort. I’ve built, for Monica, two full hives, two nucleus hives, a feeder for each type of hive and four spare supers. She’d also like some bases, for transporting hive components, and a tote, to carry frames. I don’t have plans for these but there’s enough spare timber for their construction.

New beehives stacked in Monica’s shed

The hives are one of the last projects that need to be completed to a schedule. All of the trees are planted and fenced in on the farm and on t’Other Bit so we can hope to see them mature in our lifetimes. We need to set aside time to manage them but the big push is over. Now I can settle into the stream of projects that will result in the barns being converted into accommodation and better storage.

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