Here’s a picture of my greenhouse. Not ideal but I’ve had success in the past because it gets pretty warm with the slightest bit of sunshine on the Shippen roof. Most of the seeds are in 1cm soil blocks—120 to a tray. If they germinate, each of those will be planted into a 3cm soil block so I’ll have to find nine times the bench area with better light. I plan to fill all our window ledges and those of the neighbours if necessary.


Apart from getting that set up, I’m having a pretty crap day. I broke my camera by trying to insert the wrong sort of memory card to help a friend, the amp in the office is on the blink and I dropped and broke a portable motion alarm that I use to protect the Joinery. 

The first and nearest of the giant wind turbines has been erected on the moor opposite us. We knew they were planned when we bought the place so no one can accuse us of being NIMBYs. The question was, how much of them would we see? Turns out to be pretty minimal, from the farmhouse and yard: just a blade-tip behind the flagpole, if you’re sitting at the window.

Monica phoned from North Sydney, yesterday, all liquored up with a couple of girl-friends, giggling down the Internet. A few more sleeps there and she’ll be catching a flight to be home on Saturday. She’ll have got into the habit of talking continuously during her visits, while my life has become strangely quiet. More grumpiness is forecast.

Anyway, I haven’t broken anything for a couple of hours. Maybe the shadow has passed.

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