Back to gliding

I still find the spring greening a bit weird and painfully chartreuse. After all our efforts planting, the shoots seem painfully slow in emerging. How are the willows going to make their dash to ten feet in time? Such a different cycle to Australia.

We had six periods of laying snow over the winter and, quite recently, in early spring; we had that odd burst of heat at the end of April which had me worried about grass fires; then a sharp frost that blackened the new oak leaves; some hail that beat up the peach blossoms; and now some more expected temperatures, with variable winds and showers. I’m not sure what to consider normal any more. Fingers crossed for a healthy spring for our trees.

Monica is enjoying visiting our friends in South Australia and has concluded our pension business successfully. Her return flight is a week from next Saturday. She’s expecting quite a lot of new beehives and stands so it’s not a holiday for me!

I’m spending this evening with a bottle of whisky, watching English and Scottish politics become polarised. Oh, joy!


Lime burner at the Scottish Lime Centre

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