Re: Winter weather

Temperatures have fallen and we’ve had hail and rain. Yesterday, we found some of the woodland’s early leaves had been blackened by the frost. Shouldn’t be a problem. Very different to last week.

Chris came around again today, as he said he would, to do chores. I reviewed my jobs list and there wasn’t a lot he could help with so, after putting some strings up the front wall for the hops to climb, we went for a walk.

I hoped to find a nicer way up onto the moors than Calflee, by coming down a different way than usual. We were well rewarded. After walking along Warland Reservoir path towards STOODLEY PIKE, we turned left just at the end of the wall, where the overflow channel starts. I’ve been wondering about this path since my first walk up there but always been on my way somewhere else. Once around the first corner, you see a good path across the flat moor, marked by posts, ending at a converted farmhouse that’s on the hilltop above Bottomley. Heading downhill, the vehicular track we thought was their driveway dead-ended at a lower cottage but the track carried on, level, to come out at the far end of Pippa’s fields, below Lodge Hall. We returned down Knowl Top’s road but you could easily cross a stile to get down to our Spring Field.

It was a very pretty walk, not difficult once up the hill, providing some unusual views along the valley and some other interesting sights, like the mystery in the picture attached. These odd walls are in the middle one of three small reservoirs. They don’t seem to be part of a building; perhaps they carried a water pipe? Chris thought they were left over from a Pink Floyd album cover shoot.

Jake’s just collected the truck to help sort out their yard, tomorrow. Maybe he’ll bring more firewood. Can’t have too much.


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