Treesponsibility look likely to get another lump of funding if they can put up the right sites. Dongria, who’s putting together the final bid, has just called by to make an initial assessment of the farm and loves it.

It’s so good, though, she may offer it to another group who look like failing to use up their grant this season. The upshot is we may get some in this season; we’ll almost certainly get all that we want planted within two years.

The plot over the road won’t be nice to work in—we had a look in while waiting for her bus home. But it had the advantage that trees there will filter the water of likely pollution from mines and railways, plus ameliorate the damage from the tar works.

A good morning’s work but now I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to visit Old Trafford and to get my clothes washed.

It’s interesting that Bandit’s experience of the farm is like mine: today, she needed a new tennis ball and, hey presto, she found one.

A warm day with a sunny haze; probably the finest since I arrived. All the windows and doors are open. A lovely hint of summer life here.

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