Adelaide Balcony Morning Coffee


This, this I will miss.
I am alone on the balcony with coffee and gorgeous italian biscuits Mario brought yesterday.

There is little left to do and I feel like a mole coming out blinking in the light.

The day will be hot-as by lunch time and the house will handle it.

So now I start taking my leave. Lunch with Juddy today and dinner with Moni & Joanna Sunday, and dinner with Judy next Tuesday.

Then off to Sydney for a similar round with Gerri, Grazyna, Concy and of course Julie.
I have my mobile and will stay with Julie except for Thursday when I see Gerri & Kim.

The phone and internet are on here till I leave so radio silence will be but a day and a night.

I am ready, everything is done as diligently as I could do it. Of course something will slip through the net but that is life.

Can hardly believe that this time 2 weeks I will be sleeping in Warland Farm. It will be good.

Thank you for going first. I am glad I had this time to clear out, tidy up and sort out the finances.

My love to you – hope I haven’t been too cranky.


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