Alone again

Neil’s on the train to Leeds; Bandit and I are back to the farmhouse. The bro said he had a wonderful time and that he likes the farm and the locality immensely. I suspect the highlights of this visit were pies, bacon and roast pork. Half his rucsac was filled with pork pies to keep him going until next visit.

Hebden cinema is a winner: there’s plenty of legroom; the sound and vision are good; you can take your mug of tea in with you; and it’s nice and warm. Only open certain days, though, and Monday seems to be non-blockbuster night. We saw ‘The Debt’, about three Mosad agents and their efforts to capture a Nazi doctor. Not especially political, unless I missed something, just a gritty story with fine actors and crew. Three DAVES.

Chris may come over this afternoon. In any case, I’m out measuring to floor out the Shippen, ready to receive our stuff.

The sun has come out, now that Neil has left. If he’s coming back up for 12 December, we should plan on damp weather. Maybe that will make Christmas bright and cheerful? I’m hoping for snow after Christmas. Snow on the day could be a disaster, a) because folk may not be able to get in, and b) because they may get stuck here!

Anyway, I think I deserve a snooze after my overly sociable weekend. Someone, probably Chris, said, “Get used to it.” Good point.

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