Our neighbours

Yesterday evening, as I was settling in to wait for the arrival of Kevin and clan, I spotted the next-door neighbours arriving home from work. Of course, I introduced myself and snagged an invitation to visit this evening.

I just got back, well oiled, from a very pleasant visit.

Jessica is from Oregon, Dave is from Berkshire. He brews beer and builds kit cars, she is a project officer (maybe manager) for Manchester Council. They’re a bit alternative and were very pleased to hear our plans for the place, especially as the rumour is that we’re about to convert the barn into a motor cyclists’ bunkhouse.

They’re suffering from a botch-ridden build and the strain of trying to make their place habitable through responsible DIY. I think we should let them continue for a few years before we make an offer for it. They swear they’re in love with their lives here but they’re exactly like we would have been 15 years ago: likely to move on at any time.

They gave me good information about the local health care system (he’s going through the bad back years) and up-to-date info about Bill, the journalist who has had a stroke. As a result of the visit, I have free access to their rhubarb patch and an invitation to their wild Halloween celebrations.

In summary, I have high hopes that we’ll get on well with our new neighbours. We have a lot more in common with them than Ralph and Karin would have had.

Tony And Eileen are confirmed for this weekend, arriving Sunday arvo and staying overnight. Woohoo!

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