Monica got a new car today

I just got in from cleaning the Astra. I think it hadn’t had any love for a long time so there was a good deal of dirt to sweep out and wash off. Thankfully, no heavy smokers have used it. I also made a cardboard floor for the boot which hides the spare wheel and some ugly lining. When I get a jigsaw, I’ll make a proper floor out of plywood and carpet. I’ll check it for oil etc before I set off anywhere. It smokes a bit so I would like to get it assessed before I rely upon it for any long journey, say, beyond Al’s.

It’s almost the end of October and it still isn’t cold here. Any bit of sun warms up the courtyard so I can even go out barefoot with no trouble. I popped out again just now to try some random keys in the Shippen lock. I found the one but the lock needs to be aligned. The barn has a hasp for a padlock and the roller doors can also be secured with a padlock. So, with Ralph’s patent gate lock, the whole place can be secured if we go away.

I’m trying Kevin’s idea of washing powder on the stones to prevent slime. Some on the clear areas, some on the slimy areas to see how it works. It’s possible that the trick relies upon an enzyme so I must check what sort of powder Monica’s bro uses.

Early last week Kevin invited me to a drumming workshop and gig in Hebden this Saturday. However, he failed to respond to my acceptance and called after the workshop finished, then said he was going to the gig late. Perhaps the offer was only out of politeness; perhaps his style of arranging such events will make it difficult for me to join in.

Still waiting for t’Internet; also for the oil delivery. The Aga may stop if the latter doesn’t arrive soon. No biggie but I hope the seals aren’t damaged. Once those items are here, my plan is to head off for a few days to paint the flat and to see Al & Bev. That should be late next week. The weekend of 4 Nov I’ll be at the Treesponsibility gathering; then sometime in the next week I’ll head down to London to stay with Neil before Bandit arrives.

My left hip hurts again this evening. I thought it was getting stronger but I must have twisted it again. I can ignore it when I’m active but, now I’m still, it’s a bugger to get comfortable. I think it’s also aggravated by the hard single bed so, tonight, after a hot bath, I’ll move back to the double bed.

The clocks changed here; at half five it’s already pretty black outside. I hope Monica has Bandit trained for long sleep-ins!

Saw folk cycling the skyline across the top of the gully opposite today. I didn’t take that route to Kevin’s, though it’s the most direct, because it doesn’t appear as well marked on the map. When my hip is better, I’ll head up there to take in the view of the farm.

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