First days at Warland Farm

I’m in at the farm and loving it; would love to show folk around.

Been here since Monday, though I stayed a few days last week to learn the ropes. Just seen my first visitors out of the gate: Kevin, Molly & Stacy. An old friend from London may be up this weekend, so it’s already getting busy, even though the place is a bit sparse.

I was left a double bed, with bedding, plus two singles, only one with a mattress; two armchairs and a dining suite; plus bits and pieces of cutlery. Enough to survive but I need to visit a few op shops soon.

The Aga and the fire keep me warm, of course, so the place is cheerful. First visit to Todmorden Market today to get in supplies. All good.

To cap it off, we’ve had an offer for the Adelaide house so fingers crossed we get through the cooling-off period and Monica will be on her way. The furniture will still be a couple of months off but, if you folk camping indoors, visitors are welcome to stay.

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