Last week, I joined the Carpenters’ Federation and the Land Workers’ Alliance. The former is the repository of all the timber framing knowledge in the country which is pitifully little compared to the French and German guilds. The latter is the biggest social organisation in the world: 800,000 small farmers and peasants trying to fight big industry and save their culture.

There was a quiet, international round of applause when I posted something on my Facebook page but, apart from the creepy behaviour of the company, I find the whole Facebook experience creepy and I doubt if I can carry on with it. In order to show folk what we’re up to, we have to endure dozens of photos of sexualising teenage relatives, the daily food intake of several friends and the drunken selfies of cousins who should know better. FB lets people we know what we’re doing but they will already know if they are bothered. To reach an interested, and interesting, audience I think a WordPress blog or our own web site would be better. I suppose I can work on the entries off line until I decide what to use.

We surveyed for the floor and the brick piers in the drawing room, today. I just need Monica to provide a sample of the slate that will form a waterproof barrier on top of the bricks and I can start work. In the meantime, I’ll be loafing around the joinery, burning lots of offcuts to warm the place up.

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