On my lonesome for the weekend while M takes the waters with her sister Una. An annual pre-Christmas natterfest.

Just got back from RDG with about 30kg of work-holding gear: milling vice, rotary table etc. How excitement!

I have invented an alternative, very effective password strategy: 
– First part of each password is created from the name of the site or service by an algorithm of you’re design e.g. fBOo for Facebook might be generated by “lower case first letter of first word; upper case first and second of second word; lower case 3rd of 2nd. You need a way to deal with edge cases like single-word sites.
– second part, always the same, is a made-up word or code that only you know. Mine conflates a one-time staff number and the call of an animal. We might have “fBOoA275grobble”
– third part, optional but highly recommended, is a sequence for when you change a password for an existing service. Not an easy sequence but, again, one you invent e.g. next prime, using ! for 1 and E for 3, just to keep it unsimple. Final password might be fBOoA275grobble!E
With this, you get moderate to strong passwords every time, depending upon the length of part 2, that you don’t have to remember. You generate the first two parts on the fly. The third usually remains the same but, if you think it’s changed, you can go through your sequence until you get it back. Have fun inventing your own password system! I might start putting pipe symbols “|” between the sections.

More wood, incoming, next week. Monica’s green oak floor joists, for me to play with, and oak floor boards for her to put on top. Not sure if I can remember any of my oak framing course, it was so long ago.

Starting to put together my planning permission change request, now, starting with a brief history of the farm so that I can bring their attention to what is significant. This is because they only care that the place looks like every other, not what makes it unique. On our barn, for example, should we be forced to use synthetic slate or be allowed to use the original material, corrugated iron?

Had a brain wave: to use my two table saws as outfeeds for each other. I’ve seen it done with two, rectangular, non-sliding tables but I was doubtful of the possibility with my odd-shaped antiques. Turns out, they love being together. This arrangement leaves all of the multi-machine’s other functions accessible and allows a side extension (where the rollers stand) to increase its ripping capacity.


The sun is setting behind the opposite hill at 3pm, these days. Soon, it’ll bang into Readyshore Scout, the cliff, and disappear before 2.30. I can feel the shed calling me into hibernation.

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