Slotting head uses

Just looking for uses of the slotting head on my mill. It cuts with a reciprocating motion and can do some things a rotating tool can’t; of do them with much cheaper tooling.

So far, I have:
Usual uses

– Slotting two or more items in alignment
– Keyways, of course, especially blind and inside shafts
– Gears, using a single-point tool
– Internal gears for epicyclic gearboxes
– Mortice internal angles eg square
– Stamping dies
– Splines
– Dovetail slides
– Irregularly-shaped holes
– Planing
– Moulds

Less obvious uses

– Filing machine
– Hacksaw machine
– Scraping rusty flat surfaces
– As a punch or nibbler for thin sheet eg 2mm aluminium or plastic
– Shaking small paint cans

Chortle =:D

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