Pigsty plan

After trying to interpret those flying maps on the wall at the gliding school, I realised that my brain isn’t happy with all those layers of information. It also hid in a corner when Steve Slade tried to show me all the airfields and flight paths he used for his Guinness record flights. The online traffic control sounds similar. I would not have made a good pilot in this country; Australia, out in The Bush, perhaps. Enjoy and embrace your geekdom!

I’m chuffed that Tony is sticking with the guitar build. I don’t mind being experimented upon as long as it doesn’t turn out to be an actual banjo. Although, that wouldn’t be a disaster, either. Must go practice!

Project Pigsty isn’t really about the area, other than clearing it out in a productive way: examples are to fix the Land Rover before parking it elsewhere; to build a forge with the bricks rather than just shifting them. The objective is to make good progress on lots of smaller projects before the Big Barn Build starts and shoves them aside, possibly for years. Having the area tidy and available to receive barn materiel will be a bonus.

There is a plan for the pigsty, of course. There are very few square inches of Warland Farm that remain unplanned. The right hand turret will have a bakery oven and sheltered dining area; the left will have the (high-security) brewing shed. There’ll be a large conservatory keeping the barn warm and growing oranges and coffee. In between, over the slurry pit, will be a wooden deck with covered walkways either side, leading to the dining area. Inside the (cleaned out and strengthened) slurry pit will be our cold store and, if needed, machinery like geothermal pumps that are required for the barn.

So, now you know. I won’t expect you to remember; and I’ll be as surprised as you if any of this comes to pass.

Now, back to my oak framing calculations.

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