Whenever Barry Cooper was faced with a project problem, he always said, “Let’s have the argument now”, and that’s our approach to renovation. The ceiling, where we thought there’d be trouble, is fine but under the floor boards they found a complete schamozzle of half-joists and botches. The end date is mid-December so that we can bung the Christmas visitors in there or withdraw from them in there ourselves.

I’ve just returned from a brief lecture entitled How to Research Your Building. Didn’t learn a lot but the lecturer is keen to visit the farm, perhaps as a case study for his students. Term starts in three weeks, so I should send off my sales pitch soon.

About to assess the hayloft for wood storage: what can come down to make room for Albert’s stuff and the arisings from the Drawing Room. Any ideas for creating lumber racks without any materiel, effort or time?

I’ve started using the word “materiel” as a tribute to RR, even though few there knew what it meant. It has almost faded away.

Just remembered: another bonus from Albert’s hayloft was a bundle of scythe snaths and pitchfork handles. Treasure, indeed.

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