More about self-watering beds

I made another, broad but shallow self-watering bed. Now all the seedlings have a home in the sun and will probably survive while we’re in Ireland for a week. With another big pallet, I may make yet another bed so that I can promote some more tiddlers to bigger soil blocks.

Something which gives me the irrits at this time of year is the purple bird poo. Not because it stains things but because it shows that the bilberries are ripe and I don’t have any. Last evening, I got into the big quarry for a an hour or so and picked a pint of the precious fruit. There is a large bed there but in the first year the rainy weather resulted in no fruit and, since then, that quarry has been camped in. I was in bliss to spend a sunny hour there. Monica promises to make muffins. 

I used to joke that I could make life Utopian for any of my business victims in Adelaide. The town plan is, in fact, based upon the Platonic design: four squares surrounding a fifth, parkland and river encircling, slave quarters across the bridge etc. I even have an old engraving that can be overlayed onto the Adelaide map. Difficult to implement here but worth revisiting. Oddly, those slave quarters are now the poshest suburbs, as often happens.

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