A cart for my tart

In Dublin’s fair city there’s a statue of Molly Malone and her barrow, nicknamed “The tart with a cart” by the locals. As today was belting hot, I hid in the joinery and made a handy barrow for Monica.

The basic box is the crate I made to send Peter Thomas’ loudspeakers back to him in Australia. It didn’t get used because I realised, at the last minute, that the wood was not going to make it through quarantine. It’s done duty as a scrap box and project table in the shop but now it’ll have a much better purpose.


This is much narrower than Humpty so that it can be taken through the Mickle Barn and work in the allotment and back yard. Because of its short base, it should get through the bumps easily and can be tipped forward to disgorge its contents.

It also has two secret uses. First, when completely upside down its base can become a work table. Second, tipped forward so that the handles are in the air, if you sit on the box the legs become armrests and the crossbar becomes a backrest: a throne you can take with you!


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