Testing machines

The joinery is still progressing while I get some materials together for fencing. Yesterday, I decided to give the planer/thicknessers working because M wanted a decent piece of wood to make a curtain rod support. Miraculously, the smaller machine was found to have sharp blades and its beds are parallel and true. After a couple of scrap board tests, I found a heavy, dirty piece of something from who knows where and gave that a whirl. It was heavy, about three inches square and a foot long; it revealed itself as a fine lump of rosewood (I think, being no expert). So, it’s too good for Monica’s job.

The other planer—the big Wadkin that will become the best machine—needs sharpening, the beds truing and a feed problem sorting. Still, it put a good finish on a pine test piece.

The other machines are gradually getting fettled and tested. Soon, we should be able to actually make something useful.

Council finally told me the New Barn doesn’t need planning permission as long as it doesn’t interfere with the existing barns. After fencing and drainage, I’ll  be laying the foundations for that, hopefully this year.

Una found this stone staircase while dreaming of moving house. Warland Farm has to have one, don’t you think? 

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