Happy days

We had a normal weekend, Probably one of the first, here. Shopping in Tod, snoozing, walked to the pub along the canal, movie (Avengers at Rochdale), washed the car; the stuff normal people do, I believe. Oh, and we visited the grazier to tell him to get his nose out of our trough because he’s been claiming grants for Warland without Ralph’s permission.

Neither tools nor bike have shown up on eBay or Gumtree. I’ll keep an eye out but I’m about ready to write them off, being an impatient type. Treesponsibility reimbursed us for the fence, so we can afford to replace the tools as we need them.

We’ve been invited to take part in Incredible Edible’s planning day for Tod; walking around and having silly ideas in return for lunch. We met their head gardener in a café on Saturday, when he apologised for not visiting us yet because he’s been supervising day-release prisoners who’d skip off to get into trouble if he took time out to see us. 

If we had planted any forest garden plants, the sheep would have had them by now. There’s a mob in an un-fenced field at the top of the hill who wander down, looking for trouble. They’ve found a way to get to our grass and Monica is getting her exercise by shepherding them home. They don’t seem to be harming the trees so I’m cool about them; I’ll fix the fence before next lambing season.

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