Beer is best

We still have good soil moisture but there have been grass fires. Have to think about fire-breaks for the trees.

Got nothing done today: an early visitor used up the morning; went to ‘The Weaver’s Riviera’* for lunch but it was full; bought and sank a few beers in our own sunny garden; spotted the sewer overflowing and had to try to rod that clear; mowed the pig-sty lawn and that was the day. There was a bonus, though: the Trees guys turned up with hundreds of spare ash trees from another planting, so we’ll get a better density of coppicing.

Decided to use rowan trees to mark the corners where our fence is well inside the boundary. Rowan can help plant some!

Got the telly working on the iMac but, as I suspected, there’s nothing on. I think iPlayer and 4oD have everything we need but I suppose the goggle-box has a soporific benefit. Glad to say the TV signal strength and quality are much higher than we had in suburban Adelaide.

This week, we collect an eBay bookcase and chainsaw, help Monica’s Daddy get to a specialist’s appointment, plant some trees, tutor a niece, build some shed-shelves, get the drain cleared, set up a music system, process some cut logs and brash, drink more beer.

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