I’ve had long gaps in my riding career but it doesn’t seem to matter; I’m still a cyclist in my head and in my legs. Pugsley’s tyres are nearly 100mm across. That’s a lot to get moving but once they’re rolling they seem to have quite a flywheel effect, sailing over bumps, and aren’t too hard to push along. My main logical reason for the bike is to avoid damaging the soft peat of the paths over the hills. As it turns out, the extra grip on wet rock will be a bonus because many of the rides here follow old pack-horse trails up and down the hills, many of which are still paved with slabs of stone.

There are lots of inspirational trips being done on fat-bikes. Take a look at http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/great-pugsley-adventure-video

Not a single mosquito on film! I thought that area would be crawling with them. I followed the trip when it was under way. The miniature inflatable rafts were as important as the bikes; together, they make an unstoppable machine.

Now to get some of these bags: http://www.revelatedesigns.com/index.cfm/ and I’ll be on my way. Where? Yet to be decided…

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