Just returned from the turkey next door: Thanksgiving dinner with Dave & Jessica plus Bill & Hillary from Warland Barn. They’re waiting until Spring to decide whether to move out.

Fence is nearly done but credit card still not working. Have to pay cash for the next job, too. Flooring the workshop so that the tools don’t have to be re-positioned and don’t rust up over Winter.

Bandit is happy: Al brought her a soft toy and some food treats today. Bev has flu and couldn’t come. After a quick tour and a wet walk, Al was happy to head home while I went to dinner. He wasn’t as affected by the rheumatism as I expected: no limping and hands not bad. He didn’t say much about the place except that we need more circuit protectors. I think I need to make friends with him again.

Received an Australian flag in the post today. From Monica?

Fire’s on now; carpet covered in toy innards and dog deciding where to sleep.

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