Happy birthday to me

Everything is complete in Australia. The house is sold and the contract completes on 16th of December—the same fay that most of our furniture arrives here. 

The only connections we will have after that will be our citizenship and our pensions. We may find we have to take holidays Down Under every two years to avoid tax on those pensions but that would be fun anyway.

Monica’s in Sydney for a last visit and is not too sad to leave it: we, especially she, had a tough decade there. Next Monday, she’ll be back in Adelaide to supervise the last of the removals—our best furniture which we retained to show the house—sleeping at a neighbours, before catching her plane on Wednesday. So you can see, she has already left, really. 

I’ve tentatively started a couple of jobs here, such as fencing and tree-planting, and the scale is quickly overwhelming. It will be great to have Monica here to help make the plans and take some of the load. We could be very busy, very soon, if we’re not careful. 

But, that’s all part of the romance of Warland Farm. Bring it on, I say!

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