Fencing, day 2

I asked Jeff to put in post-and-rail fencing on the boundary of the farm, up from the canal at the lower lock, #34. He’s really bad at estimating time, I now know, so I hope he’s making money on the materials. The first day was mainly spent, with his oppo Denver, moving the posts into place on the steep and boggy land. We finished up carrying half the load along the canal bank to the bottom of the job.

Today, they also had happy Carl with them so I felt less guilty about not taking an active part in the strenuous effort required to get the posts in. I reckon they’re looking at another three days’ work. That will be about ten days’s effort and Jeff has estimated the labour at £250. Like I said, where’s the profit?

A clear day, overcast with a cold start.

Oh, and a Happy Birthday to me!

Chris came around later to deliver a card and an evil-eye charm. He had Rushna on tape, commenting on a 12-year-old photo, saying that I hadn’t aged (while she thought Chris had). I offered Chris some chocolate cake, saying that I’d been scared to offer it to the locals because I had forgotten whose birthday it celebrated—didn’t want to offer them their own cake. He let me finish the speech before telling me it was from Rushna and himself! More seriously, he’s just been given his notice from work. I hope he’s successful in defending his job.

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