So, a tentative, “Congratulations” upon selling the house? No news is, I hope, good news.

When I was a boy, I had a small hunting knife. Uncle Freddie gave it to me and I had it for years. Of course, I’ve no idea how to hunt with one; it was just a boyish delight to own such a thing. It had a layered handle and a handsome curve to the blade. About a year ago, I realized that I missed it and determined to look out for a replacement. Well, I just found its sibling at the bottom of the gun case in the Dairy, which was empty last time I looked…

I’ve decided not to tidy the barns because there’s so much treasure to discover and you should share the adventure. I foolishly suggested the antique dealer might like to look but, thankfully, he forgot or didn’t believe me.

I keep giving the clock encouragement by tapping it’s pendulum and holding my breath until it stops ticking. This evening, I had to let my breath out. It’s still going and has just chimed, grandly. Hurrah!

Jeff, the odd job guy, called in today to ask if he could saw up some of the scrap that was left for the fire. I agreed, so we should have enough to see out the winter.

I’ve a Newkie-Brown in my hand, a stew in th’oven and a happy heart.

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