Bandit – one more sleep

What excitement!  It’s fairly dull round here, with most things going to plan.

Took train from Littleborough to Victoria this morning and dropped the bike in for its “free” service. Then hailed a cab to Old Trafford to spend a couple of hours with Monica’s parents. They were cheerful but a bit bored, I think. I left them to their lunch and went in to the flat. I had just finished my curry when Stacy arranged to have tea at 4pm, so had to jump on a bus to collect bike and get back on time.

In the end, we decided on a tea-room near the flat. The Irish waiter took a shine to me and, when I asked if they sold their fancy tea-timers, she explained that they didn’t but most had been stolen. “You take that one”, she said, “I’d rather you had it than some thief”. So I now have a cute set of three hour-glasses in two-inch frame, measuring 3, 4 & 5 minutes.

After I left, Stacy went to look at a room in a house nearby. An SMS just now said she’d been chosen as the most likeable of the applicants, so she’s moving out of Kevin’s soon.

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