It’s Project Season at last

Danté was built during my first official Project Season, the four months without an ‘r’ in them, last year. This year, of course, this brilliant scheme was blown sideways by the madness of looking for somewhere to live in England. Well, that episode of lunacy has officially been declared the New Sanity by the decision to buy Warland Farm; and now projects will overspill their annual bounds for a long time. The original reason to declare an official season was to allow me to get down to doing work, like writing the book, and to escape Nero’s curse—constant fiddling—so that I can actually pursue some of the hobbies that the projects purport to enhance. Riding the bike instead of building a new one. Get the idea?

I was travelling during May and then there was little point starting any project upon arrival back in Australia in June without knowing where life would be taking me. For a week or so, I fell back upon the Switcheroo, the pack of cards that allows me to balance up my activities outside of Project Season while waiting for us to decided where next.

Well, the decision has been made, of course, so now projects stretch to the farthest horizon. I may be able to keep the ‘Sell 107’ project contained within the 2011 season but, when we get to England it’ll be tempting to barrel into the projects that we are looking forward to there such as planting forests and converting the barn. I guess some of this depends upon how much of such work I take on personally and, in turn, how much cash the move liberates that we can use to pay others to do some of the work.

One thing’s for certain, I don’t have enough project seasons left in me to do everything I have in mind. Maybe that’s a good thing?

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