A week for me

After scooting around England accompanied by Neil, Chris and others, I’ve completed the house hunt on time, with the results: a) that there are at least four places suitable for us to buy at the moment; b) that the family are keen for us to move back and many could do with our help; c) that England and the English seem kinder and more caring than when we left. For me, this means that I could move here and be reasonably confident of enjoying my life here at least as much as if we stay in Australia.

There are some cautionary notes, of course. First, the weather has been remarkably fine every day except one which presented, to my Australian eye, a normal level of light and humidity. Of course, this is nonsense but, with no wet or dull days to calibrate to, it’s very hard to imagine what these properties and this life would really be like. I can’t wish Monica poor weather but, if that’s what we get, it won’t be entirely bad.

Before Monica arrives, early next Sunday, my time is pretty much my own. I hoped that my Moulton bicycle would be here and that I could use that to enjoy some days around Manchester. I especially want to ride up the Rochdale Canal to learn what the route to Todmorden is like because it’s my favourite place to set up home, where I’ve already found two likely places. As that bike hasn’t arrived, I’ll do the journey on Stacy’s old mountain bike, tomorrow. That should at least provide some useful exercise.

Other exercise this week has included some enjoyable paving with Al and Daddy at Al & Bev’s house and a ride into Manchester’s Northern Quarter with Stacy, to take a look at our flat on Thomas Street, which I have only seen on photographs. I finally got a first-hand feel for the area around the flat and the handsome look of the old Fish Market building in which it has been created.

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