Lock 34

As part of the ‘adoption’ of the canal below the farm, I’ve already replaced the fence at lock 35. I also wanted to replace the horrid, low, barbed affair at the lower lock.

At first, it seemed that it would be slow progress, replacing each stretch one at a time. Then, a spark of mischevious genius told me to just erect the new fence outside the old. The sheep couldn’t get in and the path would get a little wider; so that’s what I did.

The job went quickly with the timbers up in a day. After a wet day in the shed, which I used to machine both the mortices and tenons in the boards of the blanket box apron, the next fine day allowed me finish the fence. I attached the wire netting and then pulled out the old fence. The lockside looks great so I sent pictures to the Canal Trust; I’m waiting to hear back from them and planning our next work together.

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