Snow days

Each time I think that I should shovel snow and grit the road, a look out of the window at the continuously falling, insistent powder sends me back to my chair by the Aga. In theory, today’s the day to load the truck with moving equipment and head south to help neighbour Dave shift his heavy metalwork machinery up to Warland. The snow says otherwise.

On Thursday, I whizzed down to Bristol in the car to show the flat to potential tenants. Even though I travelled all that way, at a strong risk of getting snow-bound or jammed in traffic, only one of the three turned up, which was mildly frustrating. And the blind that I was to fit measured too long against the mounts so the trip does appear to have been nearly pointless. Except, of course, that it gave Monica peace of mind.

Monica is recovering from day surgery to remove her gall bladder, which happened last Tuesday. She had arranged the showing at the flat in advance but then grabbed the chance of a fortnight-early operation. She is very happy to have her gall stones moved along but would be niggled if the flat was in limbo as a result.

The cunning plan was for me to take the truck to Bristol, show the flat and drive east on Friday but the snow moved up its agenda. The threat of getting stuck on the M4 was too great to continue down that road so a quick day trip in the car was the best answer.

I reckon I could slither the van down the hill and escape onto the main road. After that, Reading is just time away because the main roads are now clear. The critical factor, as here, is the condition of the approach to his Mum’s house. Jack, the truck, isn’t good on a slippery surface without weight on his four, rear, driven wheels. I’ve sent a text to Dave asking for a phone call when he’s up and about so that he can fess up to spending the morning in bed instead of shovelling and gritting at that end.

If I can get there and get in close enough to load the truck, I’d need to be out on Sunday morning because another dump is due in the south-east. And, again, if I can get down, loaded and out on clear roads, it isn’t certain that Jack will get back up the snowy Warland Gate End road. I could park it somewhere below but Dave would have to understand the increased risk of theft of his stuff from the truck bed.

So, it’s another snow day unless and until some communication occurs.

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