One Planet

Neither of us has ever been too much bothered by the weather, so Monica is happily tippy-tapping away at her computer while God weeps outside the window. Had we planted up a sensitive crop, I guess we’d be less complacent.

Just completed an outline presentation to the council about the One Planet (aka Earthship) house project. The team doesn’t really understand how to make a proposal so I bashed this together. Before you get all Tufte on me, this uses my own ace, multi-purpose template: each slide’s title and graphic provide the cues for the point to be discussed; the detail text is just for the nerds and bridges into any written document; the graphic has dimensions of 1:√2 so it can be inserted into an A4 document with ease. Hah! Comments welcomed.

Next up, a call to arms for the neighbours about the forest garden, cleverly disguised in a pamphlet about their favourite topic, flooding and potholes in the road.

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