First outing with my scythe

Monica had her first go with her nice old petrol mower but the grass was too wet and it looked rather chewed over afterwards; she was knackered with trying to control it. I’ve been rather intimidated by my research into sharpening and using the scythe and so had left the blades in their wrapping. Then, after yesterday trying to scrape back two-foot grass to plant trees, I was persuaded that the scythe with a bush blade was needed. Already peened, the blade needed only some work with the canoe-stone to bring it to sharpness. As the lawn had some weird shaggy bits, I cheekily stroked the scythe across one and was instantly converted. As effective at the edges as the sward, I was progressing and learning quickly when Monica tapped me on the shoulder demanding a go. Now, “A man can as easily lend his scythe as his false teeth”, so I fussed around while she showed that she could get the hang of it, too. I think the mower, as well as the strimmer purchased just yesterday for the edges, may get pushed aside in favour of her own haft and blade.

After three lawns and the narrow public footpath were tamed without accident and with quite handsome results, I sat in the workshop door and enthusiastically tuned up the other blades while watching a thunder storm wash down the valley. I hope the grass is back soon for more mowing!

I’m leaving the meadow to go to seed but I might sneak out to make a few windrows for practice at my new favourite skill

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