I’m heading down the M40 to collect some tools on Monday. Been eBay-ing my workshop into existence. Not quite sure if the floor will stand the weight of the ancient, cast-iron panel saw that will be delivered next month. With that plus a planer-thickneser and a multi-function tool that includes a spindle moulder and morticing table, both equally old and solid, I’ll be on my way to doing some good, accurate work. Just have to learn their subtleties first.

The rest of our stuff arrived yesterday. Huzzay! The Vespa is shivering in the yard, under its cover and next to The Pelican. The outdoor furniture, having been born in Indonesia (hot and humid) and then domiciled in Adelaide (hot and dry) is now deployed out in the yard (freezing and dry, just now). I think any spring rain will see it off!

I’ve just made the acquaintance of the dentist recommended by our neighbours; I had chipped off the tip of an incisor. Turns out they’re right where I usually park to visit the Bear Café so I can get fixed up and immediately undo the work with a sweet cake.

We had to cancel Ralph and Karin’s dinner here, last Saturday, because of the snow. Now Karin’s first visit back to the farm will, as planned, allow her to sticky-beak at our furniture and cleaning standards. No excuses, as everything we need must be somewhere in these boxes. I’m seated on a comfy chaise-longue, looking across the parlour at the view; I haven’t had the benefit of this seating position before and it’s quite delightful. We now have a card table and chairs in the bay window, where we’re enjoying our newly-arrived, home-roasted coffee each morning, watching the roe deer against the snow on Moor Bank, opposite, and our tits swinging in the breeze.

Monica is away to the Sierra Nevada tomorrow morning but has just left her purse on the train from Manchester. I like such crises almost as much as I adore deadlines. I’m looking forward to some serious shed-time while she’s away. Maybe hire a mini-digger for some laughs.

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